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Website Optimization for Traffic & Sales Conversion


A Website Optimization Concept will provide you with a series of recommendations for how you can improve your website's website traffic, visitor-to-sales conversion, and search engine optimisation in general.

This will:

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Help users find what they're looking for more easily
  • Improve your site's search engine ranking
  • Enhance you site visitors' overall experience
  • Encourage return visits

The Website Optimization Concept is a great opportunity to get an analysis of your web site, generating a strong and immediate impact on your conversion rates and the success of the business.

In our report we recommend several techniques & strategies to

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Capture visitors effectively
  • Convert visitors to customers more quickly
  • Help visitors find what they're looking for more easily
  • Improve your site's search engine ranking (PR)
  • Encourage return visits

How It Works And What You Get

Find ways to improve your site traffic and how to convert visitors to customers more effectively with our Website Optimization Concept.

The Website Optimization Concept is specifically for business owners who want to improve their website's ability to get great search engine rankings and convert visitors to customers. This Optimization Concept is a complete check of the most likely "points-of-failure" on a site.

If you don't get enough traffic to your site or the traffic doesn't convert to sales, request your Optimization Concept now. With our practical advice, you could be generating substantial economic improvements.

Our Website Optimization Concept covers your website's homepage, navigation structure, product pages, and purchase procedure. The Optimization Concept is geared to uncover immediate urgent improvements without a complete redesign of your site.


Website Optimization Concept Features

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Keyword Concept
  • Links Strategy
  • Easy-to-understand details about each problem - and how to solve it
  • Profit Improvement Plan
  • Written or video report
  • Problems rated for cost and severity


Website Optimization Concept - Table of Content

I: Executive Summary

  • Overall Impression of site
  • Strengths and Best Practices
  • Most serious Difficulties & possible Solutions

II: Process Analysis

  • Analysis of customer's site navigation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) suggestions
  • Points of failure

III: Tracking Findings

  • Usability and Layout
  • Product pages
  • Purchase pages (shopping cart)


How it Works

  • We send you an acknowledgement and payment details.
  • With payment received, you will be sent a short list of questions.
  • Your answers help us to prepare the website Optimization Concept according to your business situation.
  • We will contact you by e-mail to clarify any questions.
  • The completed Optimization Concept Report will be e-mailed to the address provided.
  • After you have read through the Optimization Concept, give us a call and we answer questions you might have.



    Website Traffic & Sales Optimization Conversion Service

    Once we together have set up your Website Optimization Concept, we do all the work.

    Try It Out

    Free Your Homepage is your website's most important page. Try the 'Homepage Optimization Starter Package' at an absolute minimal investment of $299.
    Free Premium packages, come with a FREE Basic Keyword Evaluation (Value ca. $300).
    Free For Discounts please contact us.



Website Traffic & Sales Optimization

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  • paypalNo. of Pages: The number of pages you would like to get optimized. Feel free to order as many pages as you want.

  • Website Page: What type of pages it is. The Homepage is your index page, Inner Pages are all other pages (excluding the Home Page).

  • Time Frame: How long it will take to optimize the page and send you the report.

  • Cost per Page: - depending on volume -

  • Discount: - depending on volume -, for standing orders please contact-us.

  • IEL Merchant VerificationWeekly Budget: The amount you will be charged per week.

  • Installments: The number of times you will be charged in total.

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See our FOLLOW-UP Review.

Note: Due to the number of site Optimization requests, we are currently offering site Optimizations for business sites only. In order to apply for a web site Optimization Concept you must be the site's owner or authorized representative and we recommend that your site be fully operational. Our web site Optimizations are strictly confidential.

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VIDEO Testimonial

... so easy to understand. I learned a lot. The material is probably enough to spread over a whole week."

  Partners & Associates
"Highly Recommend[ed]!"

... put together for me a whole [web]site concept, specific to my own business situation at the moment. He also pointed out a number of ways how to improve the profits made from my website, applying some smart internet marketing strategies and techniques. I can highly recommend [his] help to improve other people's online business. ...

Birgitte Knaus
Portrait painter


"Greatly Appreciated"

... As a service provider with an emphasis on local customer support I was very interested to find out about the tremendous opportunities the Internet provides for local information and advertising which should help a lot to build our brand in the area.
Greatly appreciated ...

H. Teichert -
Suntrader, Exceptional Service and Design


"Without Spending A Penny"

.. From the start I sensed the initial comments he advocated, to make the content and pages more focused, would have an immediate effect on the sites ranking and by implementing the suggested changes an increase in 'site specific' traffic would eventuate.
What's more, these changes could be done without spending a penny! In a nutshell, we learnt ways to implement small changes that will have profound effects...

Ann C.


"Excellent Immediate Results"

... rapidly brought to bear his experience and insights to give us several avenues to explore to make the site more effective, especially in the current initial startup phase, and the imminent marketing phase. He clearly perceives the issues with both a close-up and near-term perspective, which is excellent for immediate results, but with an enthusiasm also for suggestions which we can implement in the longer to medium term...

Andrew Mather
Director, Balaena Ltd -


"Highly Recommend[ed]"

... I found working with [him] a pleasure, his Internet expertise, speed of response, understanding of what I was looking to achieve has enable me to achieve a site that I am proud of. I am now looking to use his services for my next internet project and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to launch an Internet business...

David Salmon,

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WHAT you do is more important than how you do it.

Efficiency is important, but useless
unless applied to the right things.

                               Timothy Ferris


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