"REDUCE Marketing COSTS and GET TOP GOOGLE RESULTS." Attract a Stream of CUSTOMERS to YOUR SITE, ready to buy.BOOST Your SALES in a matter of Hours or Days ...

... with our targeted and highly effective WEB 2.0 VIDEO MARKETING Technique!

video sites

Video has become the greatest Traffic Generator on the Web!

VIDEO SUBMISSION: To bring Internet Traffic to your Site, we submit your videos to

  • YouTube and Google Video, currently the biggest video sites.
  • other top 30+ Internet Video Sites, bringing you great website traffic.
  • the top 12+ Social Bookmark Communities, that get amazing search engine rankings.
  • lots of top Blogs and Blog Directories, giving you further traffic and rankings.
  • great Podcast Directories to increase your presence on the Internet beyond your competition!

- 52% Of ALL web traffic already is video.
- More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video.
- The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video per day.
- 94 Million U.S. Internet surfers viewed online video.
(*ComScore, eMarketer, NYTimes 2007)  

Social Networking / Web 2.0 Sites get ranked well on Search Engines!

LINK BUILDING: We also build highly ranked Links to your website from

  • Social Networks,
  • Bookmarking Sites,
  • Web 2.0 Directories and
  • Blogs!

These links provide an incredible value since they come from sites that are highly ranked by Google, Yahoo!, MSN. Since these links are top quality one-way links to your website, your sites gets ranked much higher in the search engines from now on.

With every Video Submission we build another ca. 40 Links from these highly ranked sites to your website. Your website's ranking goes up and up, leaving the competition behind, since Google and others combine the value of the links we build.

This Video Submission and Web 2.0 Links Package is for anyone who wants to focus on their most important activities!

While we do the repetitive, time consuming part, submitting videos and building links.


Why Video has become so important on the Internet

Search engines are constantly crawling the Internet for new content and are particularly looking for video content. Other content gets picked up much more slowly.

What’s so amazing about video marketing is that your videos appear in Google, Yahoo and MSN sometimes just MINUTES after we submit, not weeks or months like written content which gets picked up much more slowly! And making a simple video can be very quick and easy.

We submit your videos with keywords. Search engine spiders look for fresh videos every few minutes and immediately give your video sensational rankings, much more quickly then to written content.

This brand new way to attract target market customers to your website and shoppingcart, is currently the most effective Internet marketing strategy available. And our professional video submission is the only cutting-edge service that delivers to this wide range of top sites, blogs and directories across the Internet at such low prices.

Whether your videos are informational packages about your product, personal stories, or even funny videos or music videos, we deliver them to the Internet, instantly increasing your search engine rankings and website traffic.

Your potential customers just love watching free videos on the web. Back in 2007, 94 Million US internet surfers watched video.

Distributing your videos yourself across the web to different sites like video sites, networks, blogs, podcasting sites and directories, unfortunately can be time consuming and rather frustrating since technically it is not as straight forward as you might think.

We have the know-how and experience to do this for you, saving you time and aggravation, helping you to outrank your competition.

Try it – you will be amazed! The results can be sensational.

Even with conventional video upload services, where you submit just to one or two video sites, videos can rocket you to Google’s page one, something a number of Internet gurus have achieved recently.

And they have only placed their videos on one or two video sites. Imagine what happens, when we do so much more then that.

Nobody can promise that your videos too will make it to Page One. This of course depends on the choice of your keywords, your competition, etc. But imagine how much even a listing on page 3 or 4 could bring you in extra cash customers! Video submission can massively improve your search engine ranking, bring you huge website traffic and give your business a massive boost right now.

If you want the best results in the quickest time – our video submission service is for you.

Please understand we are filling Video Submission Service Orders for our customers on a first come – first served basis. If you want to get your videos submitted to the top sites across the Internet now, act quickly.


Video Production made easy!

Today ANYONE can do produce videos. It can be simple, free and very effective! You don't even need to own a video camera, or be technical. Technology really has leaped forward in this area and we are talking about new and speedy ways of producing videos.

If you have access to a mobile phone or a digital camera, you can produce videos. We show you how to achieve great results. See our Video Production page for how to

  • produce videos for the Internet, easy and
  • tips and tricks how to save you money, time and hassle.


Web 2 Video Marketing Package
for Website Traffic & Search Engine Ranking
("... amazing ...")

Package Content

  • 1,000+ Links to your Website
  • Cutting Edge Keyword Research & Competition Analysis
  • 1 SEO optimized Article
  • 1 Podcast
  • 1 Slide Share Video
  • Article, Video & Podcast Submissions to
    • 800 Article Directories
    • 30+ Video Sites
    • 9 Podcast Directories
    • 70+ RSS Directories
    • 20+ Bookmarking Sites
  • 200 Links to your Video
  • 200 Links to your Article


Package Description (what such a package normally would cost ...)

Backlinks to Your Site (Value: $ 7,000)
We create 1,400+ Top Quality Links to your website, video and article, including PR5, 6, and 7 websites, to massively increase quality traffic to your site and get Top Page Rankings with Search Engines.

Keyword Research & Competition Evaluation (Value: $224)
A successful SEO campaign needs to conduct indepth keyword research to identify how best to target your profitable market sectors and overtake your competition. We concentrate on keywords that bring portential customers, not people who are just browsing the Internet.

IEL Merchant VerificationSEO Optimized Article Written (Value: $50)
Our SEO (search engine optimization) trained professionals take the keyword research, your niche market sector and your competition into account to write a keyword optimized 300+ words article. This give you a tailored and highly effective marketing tool.

Podcast Production (Value: $47)
Your article is turned into a podcast to attract maximum audio attention.

Video Production (Value: $150)
We produce an SEO optimized video, based and copywritten on our keyword research to provide you with a further high impact marketing tool tailored to your target market. This video consists of a number of slides and images (from your site) with voice-over from your article. Your company name is displayed throughout the video.

Article, Video & Podcast Submissions (Value: $150+)
We strategically zoom in on your specific niche by submiting to top Web 2.0 directories, using advanced internet marketing techniques for optimum results.

paypalWe do everything for you, from start to finish,
so you can concentrate on your business.


During our launch period, we offer this package at an incredible low price! 'Click here' for your massively discounted package. Numbers are limited.

Reserve Your 'Web 2 Video Marketing' Package     Click Here



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SwitchboardTo find out which option might be the best for you, please feel free to contact-us or send us an email to videos@internet-experts-live.co.uk or give our video manager a call on +44 (0)20 7731 3077 #8.

GuaranteeGreat value: Far less than most solo ads and far more effective for your business success. See no risk: 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

All transactions go through secure world-class shoppingcart (UK label of 1shoppingcart.com) and e-commerce providers (major credit card companies through paypal.com). For your own reassurance check our great track-record with our providers. FYI, please read Video Submission Guidelines & Specifications as well as Service Agreement & Terms of Use.

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... so easy to understand. I learned a lot. The material is probably enough to spread over a whole week."

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Thoroughly recommended!"

... put together for me a whole site concept, specific to my own business situation at the moment. He also pointed out a number of ways how to improve the profits made from my website, applying some smart internet marketing strategies and techniques. I can highly recommend Karl's help to improve other people's online business. ...

Birgitte Knaus
Portrait painter


... As a service provider with an emphasis on local customer support I was very interested to find out about the tremendous opportunities the Internet provides for local information and advertising which should help a lot to build our brand in the area...
Greatly appreciated...

H. Teichert - www.suntrader.co.uk
Suntrader, Exceptional Service and Design


.. From the start I sensed the initial comments he advocated, to make the content and pages more focused, would have an immediate effect on the sites rankingand by implementing the suggested changes an increase in 'site specific' traffic would eventuate. What's more, these changes could be done without spending a penny! In a nutshell, we learnt ways to implement small changes that will have profound effects...

Ann C.

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