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What is Affiliate Program Ad Tracking?



An "Ad Tracker" is a marketing tool that tracks the number of click-through's to a specific URL, web site, order form, sales web page, etc.

Why should you use Ad Trackers? Why are they so important to growing your business on the Internet?

From a marketing standpoint, it is vital that you track your marketing efforts online so you can determine how successful a particular advertising campaign is (e.g., advertisement via the web, eMail broadcast, eZine advertisement, forum or blog posting, etc.).


How does an Ad Tracker work?

When someone clicks on a specific "ad tracking" link, our Affiliate System tracks that "click-through" to your web site, order form, free report, etc., and accumulates the total number of click-through's per ad tracker you create.

In addition to tracking click-through's, our Affiliate System tracks a number of other vital marketing statistics you need to know about when running any online advertising campaign.

Affiliate Ad Tracker

Clicks — Indicates the number of click-through's that particular ad tracker has recorded. Note, these are total clicks and not unique clicks.
Leads — Indicates the number of clicks that resulted in sales.
Lead-Click Conversion — Indicates the percentage of those who bought compared to the total number of click-through's.
Sales Amount — Represents the total sum amount of all sales that resulted from a particular ad tracking campaign.
# Sales — Represents the total number of individual sales that resulted from a particular ad tracking campaign.
Click-Sale— Indicates the number of click-through's that resulted in direct sales.
Conversion — Indicates the number of leads that converted to sales.
Visitor Value — Represents the average dollar value each customer is worth as a result of a specific ad campaign.


Sample Uses for Ad Trackers

There are a number of easy ways to use "ad trackers" (or ad tracking links) when marketing your business online and through eMail. For example, you might like to track the number of click-through's to your web site from:

  • Track an ad on someone else's web site that links to your web site.
  • Track an ad within an eMail broadcast or eZine that links to your web site.
  • Track "buy me" links from web pages within your web site to the order form.


Can Ad Trackers also track Coupons and Discounts?

Yes! Our Affiliate System allows you to create an unlimited number of special discounts and coupons you can offer special customers or your entire database.

With our system, all you have to do is set the start/end date for the discount you want and a percentage discount or dollar value (i.e., how much do you want to offer off) ... and that's it! A special "ad tracking" link will be created for you to use in your next ad campaign.


Can Ad Trackers "split-tracking" web sites?

Yes, we use a method of tracking called "Split-Tracking" that will allow you to track a number of different pages from one ad. Let's say you wanted to test the sales copy, headlines and offers of three different ads that you wrote on three separate web pages. To do this, simply create an ad-tracking link that points to 3 separate URLS.

The purpose of testing each of these three separate sites with different layouts and offers is to see what website pulls in the most sales. Whichever site pulls in the most sales, you know, you did something right on that page and that you should send most, if not all of your traffic to the web page that sells the most.


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