RSS Feeds Top The List Of Web 2.0 Tools!
(Forrester Research)

Who Uses RSS Feeds already?
RSS is currently used or is planned to be used by:
63% of consumer product marketers, 65% media and communications marketers,
37% retail marketers, 37% financial services marketers and
38% equipment and tech marketers
. (Source: Nielsen NetRatings)

RSS Feed Benefits

Major Benefits using RSS Feeds:

If you incorporate RSS feeds into your blog or website you can create content automatically.

RSS feeds have become famous for blogs because most professional blog software today generate RSS feeds from your blog automatically, so you don't have to set them up yourself. RSS Connects people, marketers and publishers with their audiences and it is simple, easy and low-cost to use.

Adding RSS feeds to your web pages will make your visitors come back more often to see what else you have to offer. Offering your visitors stories and articles related to their interests will increase the likelyhood that they return or book mark your site for a future visit.

A steady stream of highly targeted traffic is the key to successfully marketing any product or service on the Internet. The more traffic you can bring to a website, either yours or someone else's, results in an increase in sales and profits.

Content Delivery

Forget about spam filters that are keeping you from delivering content to your subscribers. RSS gets 100% of your content delivered. With RSS you can easily deliver daily news to your subscribers.

RSS will help you expand your content delivery to daily content updates, content updates by interest, content updates for different target audiences etc. Use one RSS feed to deliver your daily news and the other to deliver in-depth articles.




1. Improve Your SEARCH ENGINE Rankings

Image Credits: Rok Hrastnik, MarketingStudies

Improve your search engine rankings by publishing your RSS feeds and reach new customers.

Search engines rank sites with new relevant content highly in the search results. Fresh constantly changing content gets spidered by the search engines more often than traditional websites that have had the same content for years. With RSS Feeds your website content will write itself - forever!

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

RSS content will increase your rankings for the most important search engines and through RSS specific search engines and directories, generate new targeted traffic to your web site.

RSS will get you listed quickly, even at directories like Yahoo!, and can get you #1 positions for your most important keywords and phrases.



2. Automate PUBLISHING Your Site Content To The Web
And Increase Traffic To Your Site

RSS Traffic
Image Credits: Rok Hrastnik, MarketingStudies

Publish your site content on other web sites and increase direct targeted traffic to your web site:

  • Get your online content and marketing messages delivered to your receipients without spam filters.
  • Increase your natural search engine rankings and drive new traffic to your website.
  • Get your content published on other sites, generating more visitors and exposure for your business.
  • Use RSS to increase sales, develop profitable customer relationships and monetize your online content.
  • RSS publishing is straight forward and you can start using it today!



3. Automate CREATING Content For Your Websites / Blog etc.
Publish Content On Your Website Easily & Instantly
Improve Your Website SEO Providing Regularly Updated Content

RSS Content Delivery
Image Credits: Rok Hrastnik, MarketingStudies


Deliver your content to thousands of subscribers automatically avoiding email spam filters and delivery cost plus your content gets read. Get your content easily published on other web sites to reach new audiences and use their traffic to increase your own sales, as well as achieve greater recognition as an expert in your field.

Discover New Marketing Opportunities

* Launch your own RSS product feeds and digital catalogues (Amazon does ...) that bring your products directly to your recipient's desktops.

* Market through branded RSS aggregators and establish a constant connection with your subscribers.

* Find innovative ways of delivering your ads and direct marketing messages directly to your audiences, making sure they are actually read.

* Autoresponders are a great marketing tool, but are becoming ineffective because your prospects just don't want to give you their e-mail addresses. RSS gives you this very same power, but without the fear people have with e-mail.

* Use RSS to deliver latest posts and topics from your forums directly to your readers, to increase forum popularity and the quantity & quality of conversations.




Bonus: Increase AFFILIATE Sales

Increase your affiliate sales by using affiliate-powered RSS feeds. Use it to increase the sales of your affiliates by providing them with RSS feeds to better promote your products. Some affiliate managers already communicate with their affiliates using RSS. Affiliate Program Information.


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